Boundaries do not need to be scary, intimidating or mean! With my unique method, learn how to compassionately set and maintain boundaries with ease, minus the guilt!

An online course for individuals looking to set boundaries and gain freedom!

boundaries master class

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So often boundaries are presented as "just say no."

But the truth is, boundaries are more complicated than saying no.

While no may be a complete sentence, saying no without a conversation, without compassion or understanding can lead to a lot more walls than connection.

And most of us are setting boundaries because we truly care about the person and want to improve our relationship with them. If not, then we would probably end the relationship, right?

With my unique method of setting boundaries, you will learn how to clearly set and maintain boundaries with others and yourself. You will work through the guilt, discover the art of boundary negotiation and break free of old patterns that are keeping you stuck!

What if I said  boundaries don't need to be harsh or scary?

Strategic with your time and energy

at peace with others & Yourself

confident in how to ask for what you want

Overworked & hustling

annoyed & Resentful

Burnt out & StucK


Go from...

— sarah m.

"Amanda's boundaries course is the real deal. There is nothing else like it!

• The number one mistake everyone makes when setting boundaries 

• The three styles of boundary setting and how to change yours 

• The six types of boundaries you need and how to set them with yourself and others

• How to work through guilt

• How to negotiate your boundaries so that you can get your needs met while others 

• How to deal with people breaking your boundaries and assure them that your boundaries are in both of your interests

You'll Learn...

• Over 3 hours of video content broken into 6 modules on the setting boundaries with others, yourself, learning how to maintain your boundaries and dealing with people pushing back on them

• A 20 page course companion guide with journal prompts, exercises and questions for you to take this material to the next level

• Lifetime access to the course. Go at your own pace, refresh as often as you need and enjoy additional bonus content as this course is updated in the future

• Additional downloads resources and bonus modules


What's included:

Isn't it time you learned how to set boundaries for real?!