my workbook is officially available!

A book to help you or your clients change their relationship with alcohol!

Designed specifically for therapists, but will benefit anyone wanting to dig deeper into the root of why they drink.

my new workbook is officially available!

Help clients pivot away from the question “Am I an alcoholic?” and consider instead “Would my life be better without alcohol?”

Amanda White, mental health clinician, creator of the popular Instagram account @therapyforwomen, and author of the best-selling book Not Drinking Tonight, is back with this must-have resource for her professional peers: Not Drinking Tonight: The Workbook. Having been sober for 8+ years herself, Amanda tackles therapists’ most pressing question: How can I help clients whose alcohol use has become problematic but who don’t identify as “alcoholics” or have no interest in traditional abstinence-based methods that involve going to rehab or attending 12-step groups?

Using a harm reduction approach, each chapter contains worksheets and exercises that will help clients examine why they drink and allow them to change their relationship with alcohol as they learn to:

Regulate their emotions without alcohol
Set and maintain healthy boundaries
Redefine what authentic self-care looks like
Navigate sober socializing, dating, and sex
Create a relapse prevention plan
Build a sober life they love
And more!

How can you help clients who are gray area drinkers?

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my book, "Not Drinking tonight is also available!

When “retired party girl” and popular therapist Amanda White admitted she was an alcoholic, it wasn’t because she’d done something outrageous while under the influence, like land herself in jail or get married in Vegas. It was because she realized three things: 1. Alcohol was making her life worse. 2. Moderation wasn’t helping. 3. She could not be a therapist if she continued to use alcohol to numb her life. Something needed to change—not just her relationship with alcohol, but her relationship with herself.
Choosing not to drink can be daunting. It’s everywhere in our culture, our socializing, and our de-stressing. And it can seem black or white: you drink, or you don’t (and if you don’t, people ask why). That’s where Not Drinking Tonight comes in. Judgement-free and relatable, Amanda helps you unpack your relationship with alcohol by showing you how to:

choosing to not drink can be daunting.

1. FIND OUT WHY YOU DRINK. Whether it’s a glass of wine after work or a weekly bar crawl, your drinking habits can be the result of everything from biology to trauma.

2. HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ALCOHOL. Understand how your relationships have been affecting your life, and learn how to set boundaries and create true self care.

3. CREATE A SOBER LIFE YOU LOVE. Learn what comes next—how to maintain your social life, navigate sex and relationships, and love yourself.

Not Drinking Tonight isn’t a program to stop drinking. It’s the first book to help you address the root issues that cause you to reach for a drink, and create a life you love—one that is not perfect, but is messy and real and one you are fully present for.

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at peace with yourself & your choice (to drink or not!)

armed with tools, exercises & scripts of exactly what to do

knowing the hidden payoffs you get from it

stuck & Resentful

unsure of how to stop

confused about why you drink 


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"Finally! A book on drinking that I truly believe in!"

-Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, relationship expert & author 

"As a therapist, this is the book about drinking I have been waiting for. NOT DRINKING TONIGHT offers a fresh perspective on substance misuse and gently guides you, with relatable examples, on how to choose to stop drinking tonight, tomorrow, and--if you want--forever. Finally, a book on drinking that I truly believe in and am excited to recommend to my clients." -- Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, @lizlistens and author of I Want This to Work

"Amanda White’s multi-layered approach offers empowerment, experience, and wisdom to those looking to begin their own journeys" - Annie Grace

"Anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol must be willing to do some deep self-examination. Amanda White’s multi-layered approach offers empowerment, experience, and wisdom to those looking to begin their own journeys."

- Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind & The Alcohol Experiment 

"I truly believe anyone will benefit from reading this book, regardless of their relationship with alcohol." - Caroline Dooner

"I truly believe that anyone will benefit from reading this book, regardless of their relationship with alcohol. Even for those of us who don't want to cut out alcohol, this book is such a great, relatable resource that will help us cultivate more self-awareness and compassion, while gently examining our relationship with alcohol, and ourselves." - Caroline Dooner, Author of Bestselling Book The F*ck It Diet

"A wonderful guide to setting boundaries with alcohol-- and yourself." - Nedra Tawwab, LCSW

“Not Drinking Tonight is a wonderful guide to setting healthy boundaries with alcohol—and yourself. Amanda helps you dig into the root of your struggles to better understand why you drink and why you might want to stop--setting you up for a more fulfilling life all around, even if you don’t choose full sobriety. Readers will gain the self-awareness, compassion, and confidence to make choices that better serve them."

--Nedra Tawwab, MSW, LCSW, New York Times best-selling author of Set Boundaries, Find Peace"

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