Learn how to break out of negative patterns that keep you stuck!

I help women set boundaries, change their drinking habits & create lives they love!

Retired party girl turned relatable therapist, but you may know me as my Instagram handle @therapyforwomen

I am an author, and the founder and director of Therapy for Women Center, a therapy practice based out of Philadelphia with therapists across the country.

I am obsessed with my dogs and seltzer and my passion is teaching women how to set boundaries and engage in real self care. I quit drinking 9 years ago and it was truly the best thing I ever did for myself.

Whether you are interested in sobriety, boundaries, self care, or something in between, I have relatable and actionable mental health tips for you. 

As you learn to say NO to others, you will be able to say YES to yourself and what you really care about.

Hey friend! I'm Amanda


You may have stumbled over here and are looking for Therapy for Women, my award-winning private practice. We have in-person therapy services in Philadelphia and teletherapy across the country. 

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