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I believe we are all in recovery from something... and mental health is a journey, not a destination. It's a journey with twists, turns, ups, downs and a whole bunch of nuance. So in this podcast, I will explore my own continued mental health journey as both a therapist and a human being. Regardless of whether you are in recovery in the same way I am, this podcast is for you.

Each episode will be about "recovery" from something that either I or my guest is working on along with tips for how you can work on this in your own life. Join me each week as I I share my personal and professional thoughts and advice about recovery, body image, motherhood, relationships, anxiety and more!  I promise you will walk away with insights about yourself and the world, and most importantly, I hope this podcast makes you feel less alone. 

Hi! You may know me on instagram as @therapyforwomen. I'm a therapist, author, business owner, mom and most importantly I am in recovery from an addiction and eating disorder. Or I guess I should say I am recovered-ish. In this podcast, I will explore my own continued mental health journey as both a therapist and client. 

If you like following me on Instagram, think of each episode as like a deep dive of one of my posts, where I will explore all the nuance that cannot always be captured in a square.

So join me every Thursday as I explore what it is to be a human being with mental health struggles and alllll the layers that come with that! Bring your ears and maybe a cold beverage and I will bring my honesty, knowledge and advice!

I’m Amanda- your host 

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