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Whether we are talking about relationships with friends, parents or significant others, there is a disturbing communication trend I’ve been seeing in my office and in the world lately. I call it….”taking away people’s pain” This trend typically starts when we are young. Our parents unknowingly interact with us this way and we learn to be afraid of our feelings […]

The #1 Thing That’s Harming Your Relationships

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Yes, you can be sober and STILL have this much fun! Drinking is up all over the world right now, and it concerns me. Not because I’m sober and want to convert people, but because as a culture we don’t talk about the ways alcohol negatively impacts our mental health. Instead we often say, some […]

15 Reasons to Question Your Relationship with Alcohol

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“You cannot stop having negative thoughts. But you can stop listening to them and taking them seriously.” It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in our negative thoughts and negative self talk. That little voice telling us over and over that you can’t do something, that you’re not good enough, that you don’t […]

How to Deal with Negative Thoughts

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Setting Boundaries is a Sign of Self Respect When we find it difficult to set boundaries, many times it’s because we feel like if we do, we’re not being respectful to the other people involved. In reality, if we don’t set boundaries the person we’re disrespecting most is ourselves. Think about it, it’s your time that isn’t […]

Compassionate Boundaries

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